Early Career

Cash flow design and risk management are important at this time of life. Flexibility is vital for potential career changes, family development, and lifestyle expansion. Life is moving very fast for many at this time; it’s important that we manage and monitor progress so clients don’t have to.


Often the ‘expensive years’, lifestyle has expanded, perhaps children are appearing, income may be increasing along with responsibilities and stress. Proper account design and targeted cash flow can be really helpful in this stage. Estate planning, risk management are primary concerns with investment and tax management, becoming factors. Realistic retirement planning can finally begin.

Late Career

Successful career development and debt reduction have probably improved cash flow, sometimes dramatically; this is the time to “make hay while the sun shines”. Tax analysis, updated estate planning, and investment management are often primary discussions. A client can actually begin to visualize retirement and what that will entail.


The transition from the accumulation phase to the distribution phase is critical; it sets the tone and boundaries for the rest of a client’s life. This period can be difficult emotionally even if financial resources are more than enough to sustain the standard of living. Investment management during lifetime distributions is important enough to be a field of study in and of itself.


Many elder care issues become priorities, particularly estate planning and risk management. We enjoy working with grown children and grandchildren of clients in their own journey. Execution of the retirement plan, perhaps gifting, and investment management are all priorities.